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We recommend that Museum visitors also go on to visit Bunyan Meeting.  Bunyan Meeting is an Independent church and an active centre of worship and community activity. The John Bunyan Museum is an integral part of the life of the church.

John Bunyan was minister here from 1671 to 1688. Highlights of the current building, which was built in 1850, are the scenes from The Pilgrim’s Progress on the magnificent bronze entrance doors, and in the stunning series of stained glass windows.

The best known of these windows featured on a post card sent to Terry Waite during his imprisonment. This image of Bunyan in prison gave courage to Waite during his own four-year imprisonment in Lebanon.

The current building is the third to be built on this site, and stands on land which was purchased on Bunyan’s release from prison in 1672.  The deed of purchase can be seen in the museum.

Terry Waite and John Bnyan.jpg
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