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Volunteering opportunities - we need your help!

Bunyan Meeting is a busy, town centre Christian Church, home to the John Bunyan Museum & Library, and the Basement at Bunyan Gallery. Set in the heart of Bedford’s Cultural Quarter, it is thriving thanks to teams of dedicated volunteers of all ages and experiences. To continue in the future we really need people to help support in a number of ways.


We need volunteers to help run our Coffee Shop, welcome visitors to the basement, and help keep the museum open.

New Librarian needed


Coffee Shop volunteers on duty


Museum volunteers at pre-season briefing


The museum and library runs an annual recruitment morning in January, but is accepts applications to volunteer all year round.


There are many opportunities whether 'Front of House', 'Behind the Scenes' or both! 


For more information, visit our GET INVOLVED page.

The museum would simply not exist if it wasn’t for our fantastic team of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers. They are involved in all areas of the museum, and their ideas and hard work keep the museum interesting and fun. Volunteering is such a great way to meet people, develop transferable skills, and to support a great part of Bedford’s heritage!”


 Curator, Nicola Sherhod:

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The Church Coffee Shop needs volunteers to open and run Tuesdays to Saturdays. Offering a friendly smile with a selection of hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, and cakes.

The church is only able to be open to the general public when the coffee shop is open. The more volunteers the more we can be open!

For more information contact the Church Office by email or phone on 01234 213722

John Bunyan Museum & Library, Bedford, need to find a new volunteer Librarian/Archivist.

If you have relevant experience in or knowledge of libraries, museums or archives and are interested in social and local history then you might be able to fill the post. This is an exciting opportunity for someone with some time to commit, with the right interests, and looking to increase their skills.

For further information contact the Museum Director, Nicola Sherhod: 01234 270303 or email

Closing date is 6th May 2024                 Librarian Role Profile  Librarian Application Form


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