Whilst Bunyan Meeting is a member of the Congregational Federation, the Baptist Union and was until recently affiliated to the United Reformed Church it is still independent with the hub of the organisation being the Church Meeting where Church members (those that have been accepted into membership) can vote on the actions of the Church including advertising for and selecting their own minister.

The Church members annually elect/re-elect some of their number to be Deacons, whose role is to assist the Minister with the spiritual and pastoral oversight of all who attend worship. The group of Deacons are known collectively as the Diaconate, whose number also include the Church Secretary & the Church Treasurer.

Bunyan Meeting also has a strong Board of Trustees, who (legally) own and maintain the fabric of Bunyan Meeting, including the John Bunyan Museum & Library and the Basement@Bunyan. They responsible for Trust funds, which have grown over the years due to specific legacies and gifts, and for several investment properties. Included within the Trust funds  are specific legacies which can only be used for the relief of hardship.

There is also a strong element of free thinking in our tradition with a continual questioning of our faith and the actions we take as Christians. Bunyan Church services are relatively traditional in their format (we sing hymns, say prayers and listen to a sermon!) but there is no set dogma or liturgy to be expressly followed.

We look forward to welcoming you to worship with us.