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During the Corona Virus outbreak when the museum had to stay closed, we offered some resources online for the first time.


We decided to keep these so anyone around the world can enjoy our free activities and resources.


Hope you enjoy them! 



Download our pdfs:

Prison Maze 1       Prison Maze 2     Mary Bunyan Maze      Apollyon Maze

Sunday School Wordsearch    Prison Wordsearch      Beasts Wordsearch

Complete jigsaws from our collection on Jigsaw Planet 

Can you identify the Mystery Objects in our Quiz?


Chatterpack is a  list of free, online resources including virtual museum and art gallery tours, online learning, live streaming of concerts/ theatre/ opera, online poetry/literature, how to learn a new skill, games, prayers and support for mental wellbeing


We offer a choice of self-guided trails for children to follow on their own or with help from an adult. These encourage observation and questioning, as well interpretation and creativity. They’re lots of fun!

Here's a trail you can do at home (you might need to look online for some of the answers). 

It's much more fun to do on a visit to our museum to see the displays with your family - why not ask them if you can go?


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