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Here are some of the great projects we have run with the help of some wonderful partners. We strive to inspire people of Bedfordshire and share their stories and heritage

The Journey from Bunyan to the Brickworks 2017  

“The Journey from Bunyan to the Brickworks” run in collaboration with Bedford Chronicles funded with thanks to Castle Ward Funding, the Friends of John Bunyan Museum, and £9,000 from Lottery Players through the Heritage Lottery Fund. Through this project nearly 4,000 local schoolchildren learnt about John Bunyan’s personal ‘journey’ as well as another aspect of their important local history – the journeys of the migrant workers to the Bedfordshire brickworks


The Journey From Bunyan to brickworks

The Documentary

The Journey From Bunyan to brickworks

The Stories

Images courtesy of Noel Photography

Risk Takers and History Makers - 2018  


 On Saturday 20th October 2018 The Bedford Chronicles, John Bunyan Museum and Panacea Museum launched The Risk Takers and History Makers Exhibition - Celebrating The Voices Of Bedford's Women


The exhibition was the culmination of a new 8-month Heritage Lottery funded partnership between The Bedford Chronicles, John Bunyan Museum and Panacea Museum.


Working with 7 schools and the wider community, Risk Takers and History Makers Exhibition shared the stories of four women of Bedford over a 300 year period; women who fought and struggled against society and the government of the day for faith, justice or their beliefs. These important women in the history of Bedford are little known in the community, and the project will raise awareness of this lost heritage and raise their profiles in the community.

It also highlighted the relevance of their stories for us all in the 21st Century and how women today are still fighting to gain equality in the modern world. 2018 is the 100th anniversary of 40% of women who met age and property qualifications being given the right to vote, and the 90th anniversary of universal suffrage.

The exhibition, which was across the two museums, displayed amongst other things artwork created by schools, a light installation, sculpture, a book and a Walk of Women. Visitors were also able to view a new film shot as part of this project, which records the stories of the four main women featured in the project - Dorothy Osborne, Elizabeth Bunyan, Ellen Oliver and Pearl Thomson. Visitors were also able to hear the song written by school children and performed by a local choir (See video)

‘Risk Takers and History Makers’ telling story of 4 women of Bedford

choir performance of the ‘Women are Warriors’ song created in the project “Risk Takers and History Makers’

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