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Past Exhibitions

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A Dream Shared: The Life and Legacy of John Bunyan

At the Panacea Museum 

16th February to 25th March 2023

Due to a storm flooding the foyer of the John Bunyan Museum, we have had to delay our Spring opening.

Our wonderful neighbours at the Panacea Museum invited us into their temporary exhibition space to share the story of John Bunyan and Bunyan Meeting. 

Visit the Panacea Museum website to discover more about their story and to plan your journey to see our shared dream..

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2022's Summer Exhibition marked the second year of our Bunyan Anniversaries Project 2021-22, the project was funded by Arts Council England National Lottery Heritage.

"A most fruitful tree: 350 years of Bunyan Meeting" celebrated three and a half centuries of the Church's History on the Mill Street site. 2022 also marked the anniversary of John Bunyan's release from prison and his becoming a Minister to the Church that we know as Bunyan Meeting today. 

As with 2021, this exhibition featured artwork that was inspired by our "Bunyan's Hidden Highlights Series" and created by the Basement@Bunyan Wednesday Workshops.


Between 10th and 28th August 2021 we celebrated 75 years of the John Bunyan Museum and 5 years of Basement@Bunyan as the first of two exhibitions held for the Bunyan Anniversaries Project 2021-22. 

"The Museum's Progress From 1946 to 2021 and Beyond" explored the history of the collection and the journey from the first dedicated showcase rooms to the current purpose-built John Bunyan Museum & Library. 
In addition to highlights from the collection, artwork inspired by our "Hidden Highlights Series" and created through the Basement@Bunyan Wednesday Workshops enhanced the narrative of the exhibition and the festive spirit felt by all who visited.

“ Gaol! Banged-up in Bedford”

at John Bunyan Museum, Mill Street, was a free exhibition running from Tues 2nd July to Sat 27th October 2019.


The exhibition looked at crime and punishment from the 17th Century to the present day. Visitors found out what life was like in prison for famous author and prisoner of conscience John Bunyan.

They learnt about the terrible conditions John Howard saw when he was Bedford's High Sheriff and the reforms he made. Visitors discovered what life is like today for people in modern prisons like Bedford Prison. 

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