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350 Years of Bunyan Meeting: Come Wind, Come Weather!

The heavy rainfall in the early hours of Thursday 20th October has impacted our local area a great deal, including several of our neighbours. We have been fortunate to avoid any permanent damage, although the entrance on the museum side of the building and some areas in the basement did become an impromptu paddling pool.

The Bunyan Meeting team strapped on their wellies and worked quickly to remove the worst of the water, although it may be a day or two until we can claim to be totally dry again, we are nearly back to normal! We may keep some areas closed as a precaution for the time being (please visit our website and social media for the latest updates) but we shall press ahead with as much of our programme of October Half-Term and 350th Anniversary Celebrations as we possibly can! The Reminiscence Days, Crafty Thursdays and Anniversary Church Services are all expected to proceed as planned.

We would like to say a big 'Thank You' to everyone who has expressed their support and intention of attending these events. We look forward to seeing you soon- 'Come wind, come weather'!


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