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A Most Fruitful Tree: 350 Years of Bunyan Meeting

Tuesday 2nd August to Saturday 27th August 2022

Bunyan Meeting New and Old

Who better to tell the stories of a church than its congregation?

This year marks the 350th anniversary of some of the landmark events for Bunyan Meeting, including the purchase and license of land for the place of worship which we are still standing on today!

To mark this, activities we have been working on over the year have come together to celebrate the church and its community in our new exhibition.

In our month-long exhibition (Tuesday 1st to Saturday 27th August) Bunyan Meeting is sharing the history of the church through our museum collection, and stories of the people who have nurtured it over its 350 years.

The exhibition will allow you to hear the stories from the people themselves, and help tell the story of a thriving church with humble beginnings. Watch our short film “Faith Stories”, and discover more about why people come to Bunyan Meeting, and what it means to them and their faith.

Alongside the Congregations’ stories, and history of the church, you will also see an incredible showcase of artwork inspired by the heritage and stories of John Bunyan and Bunyan Meeting. Created by our Basement at Bunyan’s “Wednesday Workshop” talented artists, taking inspiration from the “Hidden Highlights” series created by the Friends of the John Bunyan Museum during lock-down.

This free exhibition is only on display for a short time, so do come and pay a visit while you can!


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