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Birthday Wishes to our Silver Owl!

Wishing A Very Happy 90th Birthday to our wonderful volunteer, and Silver Owl, Jean Goldsmith!

Jean, who turned 90 this week, is still an active volunteer after over 30 years of service! She has contributed to the community and activities of Bunyan Meeting in more ways than we can count.
To name but a few, her regular activities have included: Stewarding at Sunday Services, helping at Wednesday Lunches and our Coffee Shop, and volunteering with the Museum.
Jean was recognised at the 2020 SHARE Museums East Awards, receiving a 'Silver Owl Award' for over 25 years of service to John Bunyan Museum & Library.
Her citation read: “Jean will always assist in any way she can. When events are held she will always support them and is the first to clear away and do the washing up! Jean never has to be asked. She attends our pre and end of season briefing sessions and other training events.
Jean is always keen and willing to share her knowledge and experience with new and younger volunteers and is very good with the general public.”

We are all so grateful and delighted to have Jean, who is still volunteering with us regularly, as a member of our community. Long may it continue!

Happy Birthday and Thank You, Jean!



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