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A Happy 'Hidden Highlights' Christmas!

The third series of 'Bunyan's Hidden Highlights' has finished with a seasonal special:

A Dissenter's Christmas, by Janet Wootton.

The first series of Bunyan's Hidden Highlights were made during the 2020 lockdown. The first film was launched just on December 2nd 2020- just a year before the series 3 finale went 'live'.

Over the last year, with the help of volunteers and the Friends of the John Bunyan Museum and Library, we have made three series of 'Highlights', including 13 videos, and a series preview, with a total run time of 95 minutes.

You can view series one, two, and three on the museum's YouTube Channel, or click on the image to jump straight to the most recent video.

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If you would like to support the museum and it's future projects - why not join the Friends of John Bunyan Museum today or make a donation towards the museum's running costs? Click Here to find out more.


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